Camping situé à Azillanet dans le sud de la France proche de Minerve, Béziers, Narbonne et Carcassonne et à quelques minutes des plages de la mer méditerranée.

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  • Pech d’Andre winery

  • Pech d’André winery

    Mireille and Philippe welcome you all year round at Domaine du Pech d´André

    With the slogan: "Local wines with a rural and joyful soul!"


    In a typical landscape of the Minervois, in Azillanet,
    just 5 minutes from the campsite,

    follow the avenue of centuries-old olive trees and you will arrive at Pech. Since 1701, ten generations of André’s family have cultivated this place naturally in the expression of its terroir.

    For the harvest and the vinification, ancestral know-how and a constant search for the most accurate expression of our terroir are combined,
    the estate is also labeled "organic",
    to develop a full range of elegant wines in their traditional cellar. and aromatics, which you will find at the campsite bar and grocery store.

    The south-facing vineyard of Pech, with its soils made from tertiary limestone composed of sandstone and marl, is ideal for growing vines.
    This terroir of Minervois known as "Mourels" is one of the earliest and hottest in the Minervois, between the Causses and the Serre d’Oupia which rises to nearly 300 m altitude.

    For generations, they have chosen to cultivate uniquely Mediterranean grape varieties ...
    grape varieties that rub shoulders with drought because the rains are low and the temperatures very high in summer.

    The vineyard, called jardiné, was planted between the scrubland, in places where the vines could take root. Thus, on the 40 hectares of the domain, the vineyard extends over 28 hectares, 19 of which are AOC Minervois.

    The Domaine’s grape varieties:
    Bourboulenc, Clairette and Maccabeo for the white wines.
    Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Picpoul Noir and above all magnificent Mourvèdre ... but also Alicante and Aramon from 1953.

    Each plot, according to its character, transmits the strength of this land.
    It gives fruits which speak above all of the air: from the Cers, a cold, dry and often so violent north-west wind which dominates, while the Marin, the Mediterranean wind, carries them the humidity of the shores which makes so well ripen the Mourvèdre ...

  • Sainte Luchaïre winery

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    Domaine Sainte Luchaïre in Aigne


    Located in the heart of the Minervois,
    the Sainte-Luchaïre domain is over 130 years old.

    Félix Yssanchon was the first owner of Domain de Sainte Luchaïre in 1884.
    It is now up to François-David Martino and his wife Agnès to perpetuate a tradition of unique and distinguished wine creators.



    Domaine Sainte Luchaïre gets along with the Mourels terroir
    which goes from Azillanet to Agel via Beaufort, Oupia and Aigne.

    The Mourels are rocky ridges formed by raised geological layers and crowned with a sandstone bank.
    We find the alternation between spontaneous vegetation and vines with the same contrasting effects depending on the season.

    This results in exceptional wines, tasty and delicate, which you will find at the campsite bar and grocery store.

    The vines that border the campsite are part of the Domaine Sainte Luchaïre, in September you can watch the harvest live!

  • Restaurant : le Relais Chantovent

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    Domaine Sainte Luchaïre in Aigne

    The Relais Chantovent is above all, a place of pleasure and conviviality where a whole family has been involved for many years.
    In one of the most picturesque and magical surroundings that is Minerve.

    The restaurant, simple and refined offers an incredible view of the Brian Gorge which surrounds the village,
    where the team works to make you have a good time and make you discover the beautiful products from our region.

    The entire menu is prepared in the kitchen with local, fresh products, and each plate is designed from the purchase of the products to the presentation by Nicolas and his team.
    You will never find manufactured products in this kitchen.

    At Nicolas and Sandra’s table, the menu is inspired by the creativity of the chef and varies according to the season and the arrivals, in order to offer gourmets dishes of full freshness and flavor.
    You can taste all the tradition of French and local cuisine revisited by the passion and love of Nicolas while discovering a wine list from the region selected from the best Minervois wines.

    Booking is recommended.
    Closed on Sunday and Tuesday evenings as well as Wednesday all day.