Caravans wintering

Wintering of the caravans on the campsite:

It is quite possible to leave your caravan on wintering all year at the Campsite.

This service is exclusively reserved for our customers, we do not winterize if you do not spend your holidays on our campsite.

After signing a wintering contract, your caravan will be stored outside on one of our sites adjacent to the campsite. On the day of your arrival, you will find your caravan on the pitch you have reserved. The day after your departure Pierre-Yves will put your caravan back on our land dedicated to wintering.

The cost for a year is 180.00 €. A wintering contract will be made between the two parties, you and the campsite. Then a photocopy of the caravan’s registration card as well as an insurance certificate will be requested. We also wish to have a duplicate of the keys at the reception during the winter. This in case of danger or to move it if necessary. The contract will be renewed every year only if you wish.

For additional information, you can contact us by email, via the contact form or directly by phone at the reception. To obtain all the contacts, go to the "contact" page.