Ecological commitmments

Ecological commitments


Protect our environment

The campsite and its team are committed to a policy that respects the environment.

Help us achieve our goals and achieve the least possible impact on the biodiversity around us.

We are today in an era where the impact of man on the Earth is irreversible, pollution of all kinds, waste, deforestation ...
As a result, every day plant and animal species are disappearing, the earth is full of toxic products that we find on our plates, the climate is changing, getting warmer and the rains are more and more acidic ...
We are at the dawn of major climate changes but we can slow down the process, for that we must all, as as a citizen of the world, simply respect the nature that surrounds us.


The ecological commitments of Camping Domaine Le Vernis

Short distribution channels :
We have always worked with local companies and favored French-made products,
as evidenced by the purchase of solar terminals.
We favor local purchases so we work with several local merchants to supply the grocery store and the snack bar.

Green infrastructures :
The toilets are equipped with pressure reducers. The bulbs in common buildings are low consumption.
The campground lights run on solar energy.
The sanitation station works by filtering reeds and other plants without any energy input.

Waste reduction :
Setting up selective sorting: two containers are available, one for glass, the second for recyclable waste.
Composting is strongly recommended. Composters are in place on the campsite to facilitate composting, small special compost buckets are available at the reception.
All the waste produced by the campsite that can be are recycled and composted.
We would love to be able to write: All the waste produced by the campsite and its campers are recycled and composted.

Landscape integration :
Regular maintenance and mulching prevent unwanted regrowth.
Compost avoids chemical fertilizer and reduces watering.
Transplantation, the use of local plant species.
Using natural materials, wood is very present on the campsite.
Living woven wicker and other plantings serve as boundaries.
The campsite team is keen to ensure that the standards are applied to all plots of the campsite.

Simple gestures :
Use of natural household products such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemon ...
And use of certified ecological products.

Public awareness :
Transmission of information via the advice of the team,
on welcome brochures or signs at sensitive points: common areas, bathrooms, sorting point, compost ...



Your vacation investment:

To participate at your level, the team offers you various actions to reduce your impact during your holidays at Camping du Domaine le Vernis but also outside during your visits and excursions:

At the camping :

Avoid wasting energy and water,
for this the campsite has to install pressure reducers but as far as possible do not use more water and energy than necessary,
all the marking of the campsite are solar, we also install solar lighting, but in "sanitary and other" public places: turn off your lights, avoid machines at over 30 ° C.

Recycle waste,
to reduce the quantity and the pollution, the campsite is equipped with selective sorting containers, one for glass, a second for recyclable waste (paper, cardboard).
You can also throw all your organic waste in the compost bin provided by the campsite.
Finally, be careful not to throw any rubbish into nature (and especially cigarettes, because in addition to pollution there is a risk of fire).

Respect the facilities,
the campsite sanitation station works by filtration of reeds and other plants, in order to reduce the ecological impact.
For its proper functioning, please do not throw anything in the toilet, except the paper provided for this purpose.
Respect nature, in addition to the existing fauna, many plants are regularly planted on the estate, be careful not to step on or damage them.
Do not cross the hedges, or other delimitations, take the paths provided for that.