Camping situé à Azillanet dans le sud de la France proche de Minerve, Béziers, Narbonne et Carcassonne et à quelques minutes des plages de la mer méditerranée.

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  • The snack bar

  • The snack bar at Camping Domaine Le Vernis

    The Bar:

    The bar and its pleasant terrace shaded by mulberry trees. A very friendly place, alone or with friends come and taste the Minervois wine, we offer three local producers (Le Pech d’André and Mas Paumarhel in Azillanet and Le Domaine Sicard in Aigue Vive, but also various soft drinks, local beer, Zou Blonde from Azillanet local grape juice from Azillanet also, draught beer, coffee, tea, cocktails ...

    The bar is open every day during the campsite’s opening hours. The opening hours depend on the season and especially on the number of visitors. The bar opens at the earliest at 8.30 am and closes at the latest at 1.00 am.

    Free and unlimited Wifi in the area of the snack bar.

    The snack bar, a so-called "fast food" restaurant:

    On site or to take away


    Every morning under reservation from 8:30 am, two formulas to choose from:
    Hot drink, fruit juice, 1/2 baguette, butter, jam.
    Hot drink, fruit juice, 1/2 baguette, a pastry, butter, jam. (The pastries are to be ordered the day before).

    At any time: Individual ice creams and/or in cups.

    We propose you different home-made plates with as many local products and organic products as possible : various salads, home made burger and also a tray of chips, fricadelles, nuggets, squid...

    The snack bar is open every evening, except Monday.
    In high season, from 7:00 to 11:00.
    In mid season from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.
    Low season : close.

    On our terrace, drinks are not obligatory, but bringing your own is not allowed. For the consumption of your personal products a space is provided in the barbecue area, with tables and chairs at your disposal free of charge.

    On Tuesday evenings, campers gather for pizza party, folow by dancing party.

    Free and unlimited WiFi throughout the snack bar area.

  • Grocery

  • The grocery store at Camping Domaine Le Vernis:

    A so-called “spare” grocery store is available on the campsite. You will find essential products there. The opening hours are the same opening hours as the reception.

    Your bread and pastries on order every morning from 8:30 am, in mid and high season. You should order it before 7:00 p.m.



    The local produce grocery store:

    We also offer various regional products: wine, muscat, grape juice, olives, olive oil, jams and tapenades, honey, cold cuts ...

    Concerned about quality and respect for the environment, the producers have been carefully selected and tested by us. They thus meet criteria of proximity to the campsite and of quality through various labels (South of France, Regional Park, or even organic).



    The Minervois wine:

    Domaine du Pech D’André at Azillanet
    Domain which for years defends responsible agriculture, is now completely organic!

    Domaine Mas Paumarhel at Azillanet
    A family domain, with a line of conduct guided by quality, producing AOP Minervois wines.

    Domaine Sicard at Aigues Vives
    Producer of AOC Minervois wine.
    The vineyard has been pampered by the Sicard family for almost a century, by four successive generations.

    Muscat: Domaine Barroubio at Saint Jean De Minervois
    The Miquel family has managed the property since the end of the 15th century. The modernity and the tradition of the working techniques, associated with an intact environment, allow the production of wines recognized, year after year, as products of very high level.



    Olive oil and olives:
    The Mas des Meules in Oupia
    A family olive estate planted with olive groves over 200 years old!


    Cold cuts :
    Malescalier farm
    Located in La Salvetat sur Agoût, a little farm where they are truly respectful of the living conditions of animals !


    Honey :
    Denis Fize
    A local producer situed at Bize Minervois


  • Caravans wintering

  • Wintering of the caravans on the campsite:

    It is quite possible to leave your caravan on wintering all year at the Campsite.

    This service is exclusively reserved for our customers, we do not winterize if you do not spend your holidays on our campsite.

    After signing a wintering contract, your caravan will be stored outside on one of our sites adjacent to the campsite. On the day of your arrival, you will find your caravan on the pitch you have reserved. The day after your departure Pierre-Yves will put your caravan back on our land dedicated to wintering.

    The cost for a year is 180.00 €. A wintering contract will be made between the two parties, you and the campsite. Then a photocopy of the caravan’s registration card as well as an insurance certificate will be requested. We also wish to have a duplicate of the keys at the reception during the winter. This in case of danger or to move it if necessary. The contract will be renewed every year only if you wish.

    For additional information, you can contact us by email, via the contact form or directly by phone at the reception. To obtain all the contacts, go to the "contact" page.